Body Armor Bulletproof

Israeli Light VIP Concealed Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest IIIA Protection

Israeli Light VIP Concealed Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest IIIA Protection
Israeli Light VIP Concealed Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest IIIA Protection

Israeli Light VIP Concealed Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest IIIA Protection

Marom Dolphin offers a wide range of combat-proven body armor vests, designed for high mobility and maximum personal protection, manufactured with durable and lightweight ballistic fabrics. Modular protective plates for different ballistic protection levels, as defined by the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ), can be quickly exchanged for varying threat levels. All vests are body-adjustable and available in different sizes, plus a variety of optional add-ons for neck, chest, back, and groin. Lightweight body armor in various sizes, especially designed for VIPs and bodyguards. Vests allow high mobility, comfort and are completely hidden under any civilian clothing.

All vests are available with an additional non-ballistic trauma plate. Completely hidden under any civilian clothing. Especially designed for VIPs, politicians, and security personnels. This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. Made under ISO 9001:2000 international standards. Manufactured with 24 layers of Goldflex. Protects against most handgun threats. This model includes an inner front pocket (6" x 8") to insert a hard trauma plate.

Even though your vest stops the bullet, the hard trauma plate enhances the performance of your ballistic vest by dispersing the energy of an impact over a larger area, reducing blunt trauma injuries. 3A Lightweight Bulletproof Vest - VIP.

14,5 - 19 37 - 49cm. 5.3 lbs / 2.4 kg.

14,5 - 19 37 - 49 cm. 5.7 lbs / 2.6 kg. 6.1 lbs / 2.8 kg. 19 - 21 49 - 53 cm. 21 - 22,5 53 - 57 cm.

How do I know what vest size is best for me? From our experience, the best way to choose your vest size is to take the same size that you usually wear on a T-Shirt. It mean that if you usually wears a large (XXL) then you should take the large (XXL) size vest as well. This way we can gaurantee a 100% fit as the vest is adjustable (Does not metter in which country you live and which size units you use). Working with the Israeli Defense Forces, Hagor Industries has mastered their skills of providing protection to the defense forces, police forces as well as security companies. Using latest technology and quality materials, Hagor Industries has pioneered the art of manufacturing the best ballistic protection gear for different armed forces.

We have also established our expertise at other protection gear and accessories such as camping gear, winter clothing, backpacks etc. Our unique fragmentation and list of quality bulletproof armors and vests have been combat proven and built to fight the harshest conditions in order to provide the best support and protection for the users while allowing them with easy movement and mobility. Our research and development team is completely dedicated in developing new technologies that helps us engineer high quality body armor fragmentation and bullet resistant vests that can protect you and your team from every security mission and assignment. Our team focuses on manufacturing higher body armor levels of ballistic vests such as level IIIA.

Check out our wide range of Bullet Proof Vests, Camping Gear, Backpacks and Winter Clothing at our online store. All the products at Hagor Store are well engineered and manufactured with good quality material to last longer and keep you covered and protected under any situation! Sign up to our newsletter. We do our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 4-7 days(South America) 4-6(Australia).

Again, we offer this information without any obligation or guarantee. Our mission is to offer state of the art Israeli army equipment and hard to find IDF memorabilia together with competitive prices and exceptional service. Our customers consist of professional soldiers, contractors, arms enthusiasts and Israel/IDF supporters.

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  • Model: Black VIP
  • MPN: Concealed Vest Tactical
  • Threat Level Rating: IIIA Protection
  • Brand: Marom Dolphin
  • Deal Includes: FREE EMS Shipping+ Body Armor Vest
  • Type: Body Armor Vest

Israeli Light VIP Concealed Body Armor Bullet Proof Vest IIIA Protection