Body Armor Bulletproof

Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety

Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety
Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety

Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety

Bulletproof Backpack For School Safety`. As a result, an increasing number of shooting incidents this past year, any parents that is concerned for their children's safety should consider this product, Emoji Bulletproof Backpack: Capable of stopping nearly all handgun rounds even 9mm and. It takes a ton of weight off your shoulders knowing your child will be a little more safe at school. This is no ordinary Backpack.

It weighs just a pound more than a normal backpack, but it takes a ton of weight off your shoulders knowing your child will be safe at school! It's like having a bodyguard with your child all the time. There are many high-quality bookbags on the market today but, unlike other bags, the Emoji bookbag is bulletproof! You will have peace of mind knowing that it offers protection from nearly all handgun rounds including a. 44 Magnum as well as sharp or pointed weapons.

Tested to NIJ level 3A bulletproof standards. Capable of stopping nearly all handgun rounds even 9mm and. The highest level of protection currently available for lightweight (soft) armor. 3.5" x 12" x 16.5 internal dimensions.

8" x 7" external zippered pocket with three slots for pens/keys/phones/etc. 8.5" x 5" zippered pocket with rubber zipper pull. Weighs only 2.75 lbs.

Streetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack come in ORANGE and YELLOW. Fire Aid & Medical Supplies. Do you worry about safety in your school? Mass shootings happen all across the country, and unfortunately, they are a lot more common than any of us would like to think.

With over 250 Mass shootings recorded as of this year alone, how can you be certain that you're sending your child to school knowing everything they have to know when they're caught in an active shooter situation? To help prepare you for the worst, we've put together a list for you to read so you know what to do in a school shooting.

It is crucial that you to try their best to stay calm when a shootout happens. A panicked person has an obsessive drive to fulfill a personal interest at the current moment. In a shootout, the fear will have them fixate on one exit, ignoring ones that are closer to them and other sources of danger in the area.

Panic can also spread very quick within a crowd. A big crowd of people shoving and pushing to get through a small door will slow the process of getting to safety down by a significant amount.

Often, this also causes a stampede to happen. Stay calm because it will not only keep others calm and raise morale, but it also helps to move things along faster. Make Sure Your Children Internalize School Protocol. Ever since more and more school shootings have happened in a short span of time, most schools and universities have implemented a lock-down protocol in preparation for one. While they are likely to run drills of this many times over the school year, most students will take this as a run-of-the-mill exercise and go along until it's over, not absorbing what's happening and what they should be doing.

Make sure you pay attention to them and internalize them. Remind yourself of what's at stake when an active shooter situation does break out in their school.

Your safety will depend on what you learn during the drills. Remember the Rule: Run, Hide, Fight. In the event you get left out of the safety procedures and have yourself locked outside the rooms in an active shooter situation, you will want to remember the words, Run, Hide, Fight. Keep those words in that order to prioritize the highest chances of staying alive.

The police agree with the. Idea to run, hide, and fight It serves as a general rule of thumb and a simple reminder of what children should do when a mass shooting happens. Run from the source of the gunfire, hide as soon as you find a suitable place. As an absolute last resort in the most extreme cases, fight the shooter. Keep in mind that you may have to break that order.

Depending on the situation and their environment, do only what they need to do to secure safety for yourself. Run in a Zigzag Pattern. If you need to run, do it in a zigzag pattern. It is likely that the shooter is new and inexperienced with firearms, so running in a zigzag pattern will give them trouble when they're trying to aim for runners like you.

Not only is it important that your run in this pattern, but it is also important that you get yourself out of the line of fire immediately. As soon as you can find a turn that will get you out of their sight, take it, and hide. If You Drop Down, Drop on Your Hands and Knees. When you hear gunshots coming your way, your instinctive action is to drop down flat on the ground. This method is wrong, however, for the trajectory of the bullet will follow the path of the floor if it hits the ground. This means that you're will most likely get hit if the bullet hits the floor, even while you're staying low.

With that in mind, keep your vitals elevated when you drop down or when your crawling by staying on your hands and knees. When you're going to hide, the first thing that comes to most people's minds is hiding somewhere dark and quiet. However, these places most likely don't have any windows. They often have only one entrance and exit.

This makes escaping while cornered almost impossible. Dark and quiet places also provide little to no cover or protection.

Small areas often only contain plastic stalls and wooden cabinets. Go for open classrooms or offices instead. They will provide you with an escape zone should you need one.

Lock the Doors, Block the Entrance, and Stay Low. A lot of people think that locking doors will spell their doom since the shooter will know that someone is inside. However, it is actually much safer to lock the doors, (Door Security Device). Set up a quick block, and stay hidden.

Shooters will find a lot of locked doors when the school's protocol is in place, they will likely walk away and forget about it when they encounter one more. The worse scenario being they will pound on the door to try to bring it down. Fortifying the door by building a small barricade or blocking it with what's available will help keep you and the door secure. Use an Emergency Door Lock. Many classroom doors are not secure or open out so that a barricade doesn't stop the door from being opened. This is when an emergency door lock becomes the key solution. It's the perfect example of a lock you can attach to a door and keep shooters out. You'll want an emergency door lock made from steel of reinforced carbon, ensuring it's strong to the point of being indestructible.

Even the force from a gunshot won't be able to crack it open. You'll also want to make sure that the lock is quick and easy to install. Putting all these factors together, you get a lock that keeps everyone in the room safe.

No shooter can break through it, even with an assault rifle. If You Need to Fight, Fight as a Group. When it comes down to it and you have no other options left but to fight, never fight a gunman alone.

It only takes a good plan and at least 2 people to take down a gunner without getting in harm's way. In the event that you are alone with no one else but the shooter is close by, try to look for equipment to help you gain the upper hand.

Fire extinguishers and water hoses are a staple for schools, so try looking for those. A spray on the eyes or a hit over the head with a fire extinguisher will give you enough time to run; while spraying them with a fire hose in full pressure will knock them down long enough for you to have the chance to take their arms away from them. Remember, fight only when there is no other option but to fight, it's always better to run and hide and keep yourself safe.

Teach Yourself What to Do in a School Shooting. By now, you should be better prepared with the knowledge on what to do in a school shooting. While the advice we gave here is great, prevention is still the best defense against school shootings.

So, as the police say, if you see something, say something. Report anything suspicious to your local authorities. Also, if you want to prevent this from happening to you in your home, make sure that you fortify your doors, too.

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Bulletproof Backpack For Kids Safety